Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The New Garden Year

My, my.  Once the garden started last spring I seemed to be too busy to write.  Maybe this should be an off-season blog, and I'll let you know about pests, diseases, and give some recipes, and then garden while the sun shines.

A friend told me in the fall, "Next year's garden never looks as good as it does now," and I'd have to agree.  My garden for the coming year is meticulously planned, I've ordered and gotten most of my seeds, and now I'm just waiting for a couple of weeks to start the onions, scallions, herbs, and long season flowers.

More about varieties soon.  I've changed my tomato varieties slightly, and added some lettuces.  Am planning lots of lettuce.  Will be growing kohlrabi for the first time.  Have never even eaten it, but one of my fellow gardeners swears it's wonderful, so I'm jumping right in with 3 varieties.  More kale, peppers, cucumbers.  Fewer tomatoes, no melons, fewer onions (they got a fungus disease last year).  Am growing some multicolored corn for the first time in a long time.

We're snowed under with a dangerous amount of snow, and it seems like a good time to dream garden dreams.  Will write more soon!

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