Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Compost Delivery

This was the day I got my delivery of  topsoil from Champlain Valley Compost.  We could have chosen better weather, as it's practically snowing snowballs. The truck had it easy here, but slipped quite a bit making a side delivery on a slope.

I hadn't realized that topsoil is a composed substance nowadays, rather than scraped from somebody's field. Steve Wisbaum mixes weed-free screened high quality silt with the compost to make what he calls "topsoil plus," 65% compost and 35% silt.   The silt will help my poor sand, raising its trace elements a little and helping it retain water, making it an even better choice for my garden than compost.  The silt/compost mix can be used as potting soil, or a soil for raised beds. I'm going to mix it with some commercial peat based potting soil I have on hand, for my transplants.

A couple of other gardeners in the community gardens got plain compost.  The compost is exceptional, made entirely from horse and cow manure.

I hadn't heard of Champlain Valley Compost before, because they don't advertise (don't need to. There's a clue there).  If you live in Chittenden or Addison Counties check out the web site, and trust me that this is superior to some of the well-know but Not To Be Named composts in the area.

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