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Check out the website "Weekend Gardener", linked here or under Food Sources, for what you can plant this week.  I use May 15 and October 15 for last and first frost dates.

May 20.  Well I didn't get my peppers planted, but did plant about 60 mixed coles - broccoli, romanesco cauliflower, 3 kinds of cabbage, 2 kinds of bok choi, and chinese cabbage.  I'll give the peppers another go today.

May 18. I'm going to plant my peppers tomorrow.  After then it's supposed to be above 50 at night for the next ten days, and it will be getting warmer during the day.  They need to be transplanted, and I'd rather do it once rather than twice with all I have to do.  Will wait on the tomatoes because they don't need to be transplanted yet.

May 16. Planted beans, but won't water them unless it gets very dry.  Three parallel rows about 10 inches apart, beans 2-3 inches apart, about an inch deep. Fresh Pick, Brittle Wax, Royal Burgundy, and Roma II.  Planted 12 feet (times 3), so altogether about 36 feet of beans.

May 16:  Well I planned a lot of planting yesterday, but I broke my next to little toe at 7:30am, bringing plants out of the house.  sigh.  I'm hobbling around, and will get some stuff done today, but not as much or as fast as I intended.  Someone else is having to help JP put the water in, alas, but at least we will now have water on tap, which is a great luxury.

May 15.  I said above that I use May 15 as our last frost date, and at the moment it appears we may be frost free from now on.  none in the forecast for the next 10 days.  Planning a lot of planting and transplanting today, as we'll get the water in tomorrow.

May 14.  We got a little rain last night.  I planted some of my cucumber seeds yesterday anticipating that.  Have dug and filled holes for all cukes, melons, squash and tomatoes.  Finally found my super sugar snap pea seeds and planted this evening, 2-3 weeks later than optimal.

May 8 Went looking for pots of curled parsley yesterday, the kind that come with about 30 plants in a little pot.  Have had very good luck transplanting all the little plants into cups and then to the garden a few weeks later.  But there were only pots with 4 or 5 plants, and I was too cheap to buy them.  So now I need to start parsley seeds, which means soaking them first in warm water for 24-48 hours.  They will still take 2-3 weeks to germinate.  

May 8 Um, not gardening outside in this cold, rainy, weather, though I could still dig some more holes.  Colder weather coming, so I'm not going to plant new things.  I'm going to cut the bottoms off some gallon water jugs I've saved, and use them as hot caps over the squash seeds I planted, both day and night.  Will start cukes in paper towels today.

May 5.  Have been digging the holes for tomatoes, though I won't transplant them for a couple of weeks.  I've filled each hole with a half gallon of compost, a handful of 5-10-10, a handful of Gardener's Supply Company organic flower fertilizer 5-7-4, a small handful of pelleted dolomitic limestone, and a small handful of kelp.  I'll mix it all together well and be ready to put in the plants.

May 2.  Finally got tomatoes transplanted on Saturday, the 30th. They're doing well, but they should have been transplanted 10 days ago.  On the other hand, they spent 2 days inside without light, so I'm glad they weren't transplanted.  87 today.  Planted onions April 30 and yesterday.  Separate post and pictures to follow soon.

April 27 Boy, am I glad I waited to transplant.   3:00pm and it's still 34 degrees.  Real snow, falling in snowball size clumps.  But the topsoil was delivered, and it's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend.

April 26. Still haven't transplanted the seedlings.  I'm now waiting for the delivery of a load of topsoil (silt and compost) tomorrow, which I can use as potting soil - and I won't need any fertilizer at all for the time being.  Also, winter storm watch for tomorrow and Wednesday (April in Vermont).

April 25. Many of the seeds I planted April 14 are up:  radishes, spinach, some beets and chard, and the peas for shoots.  Have had to water these seedlings a couple of times, as it rained after I planted them but then got very dry.  Have not watered the seedlings that went into dry ground.

April 23.  I never transplanted seedlings on the 21st.  A frost was predicted for last night, and now it's predicted for tonight.  Don't want to have to deal with bringing all those transplants in, so I'm waiting to do it tomorrow.

April 21. Transplanting seedlings today, overdue.  Will plant some more carrots, beets, lettuce, in square foot plots. Update:  Also planted a few onion sets, wild lettuce mix, wild kale mix, corn poppy, california poppy, borage, and marigolds.  Way too early for the marigolds, but it's just 2 little square foot plots, and I can cover if they've germinated before the first frost.

April 20. Nothing planted. Set up some stakes to mark off plots, and gabbed a lot with other gardeners. Got onion sets and one bunch onion plants at Agway (don't get the ones labeled short day. They shouldn't be selling them!) Also got one flat of pansies, to plant in a square foot.

April 19.  Got some peas planted (see post about planting peas).  Started Caseload, which is the best shelling pea I've ever grown, hands down, and snow sweet (I think - I'll look it up again), a variety of snow pea that's new to me.  About 12 feet each.  Got the stakes in, but don't need to get the fence up until they're up and growing.

April 19.  This cold snap is over.  Partly sunny today, and already 42 at 8:00.  Will work on getting some transplanting done today.  The tomatoes under lights are badly in need to transplanting.  Lots of things can go into the garden now.  Will try to get to peas tomorrow, but I need to get some posts in the ground first, to support fences for the peas.

April 16.  Won't get above 45 today, and maybe not above 40 tomorrow, so I have to start platooning under lights. But we are getting some needed rain.

April 15. planted 15" square each of radish, and red-cored chantenay carrots.  This is just the first of many of each that I'll plant in succession (I don't need more than 20 radishes at a time.) We'll get rain tonight, which is good.  The sandy soil is so dry the furrows for the little seeds filled in.

April 14. Planted a few seeds today.  Am growing some modified square-foot garden rows, using the width of the rake (15") to make side by side patches, in a double row.  Planted dwarf grey sugar peas for pea sprouts, bright lights chard and fordhook chard, space spinach, and a little leaf lettuce mix.

April 13. 30 this morning.  Yesterday JP and I got started on marking out the community garden plots with stakes.  I could start getting some posts in and putting in the "sugar ann" sugar snap peas and the sweet peas tomorrow, and that's what I'll aim for.  I always have a lot to do in getting the exterior posts up ready for fencing for the taller peas, so it takes longer to start planting than I'd like.

This afternoon we got the lower gardens staked, and JP got them strung.  Time to garden!

April 12.  34 this morning.  It got up to 61 yesterday.  I planted more peppers yesterday that I'd started in paper towels on April 2.  Later than I usually like to start peppers, but I've got this space problem, so I couldn't have managed everything as early as I'd like.

April 11. 36 again this morning, though 40 was forecast.  It's that time of year not to trust the forecast low. The community garden is being tilled this morning! Looking in Weekend Gardener to see what they say I can plant outdoors now: beets, peas, kale, kohlrabi, mustard greens, onion sets, potatoes, radishes, spinach, turnip.  I'd also plant lettuce outside now, and I wouldn't plant potatoes yet, though they can be planted much earlier than most people around here think.  We will still get some real hard frosts, and the potatoes might rot before they sprout, in the cold soil.

April 10.  36 degrees this morning.  It always seems to happen that about now I run out of space under my bank of three adjacent 4 foot flourescents.  I might start platooning, having some of the plants under lights during the day, and some at night.  The important thing will be to see that they're able to be in the dark when they're not under lights, not just hanging out in the room with ambient daylight.   But for the moment I've put the transplanted tomatoes on the car's back window shelf.

April 9.  JP started his tomatoes today, so it's not too late!  I like to have mine tall enough so the bottom leaves will be well up off the ground, and that means they're tall enough for me to remove the bottom two or three leaves.

April 4 High 72 degrees. Transplanted some eggplants, herbs and flowers from the tiny cells I started them in on March 17.  Eggplant on the upper left,

April 3. Warm! 82 for a high today.  Planted a 98 cell tray with 15 lettuce varieties, and started broccoli, bok choi, and cabbage.  Transplanted early coles and some rhubard and a few tomatoes I started on March 3.  I've found looking back over my garden log the last few years that most things need to be transplanted the first time about a month after the start date.

April 2.  78 degrees today.  Started more peppers and eggplants

March 25.  Have planted most of the seeds I started to germinate in paper towels on March 17.  Very good germination from the Carmen peppers.

March 20.  Aghh!  Things have germinated faster than I thought they would!  Have put them in the fridge to slow them down til I can plant them in the next day or so.

March 17.  Started more peppers and the rest of my tomatoes.

March 9.  First asparagus sprouted, more ace and mariachi, a new girl.

March 8 High 50 today.  Planted sprouted rhubarb, 2 sungold, ace, mariachi and jalapeno.  Surprised the peppers sprouted in 5 days, but they've been in a warm place a couple of feet in front of the register.

March 6.  Onions started in paper towels March 3 have sprouted. 2yr old purple bunching have not started.  I'm counting on enough starting to give me some plants, though this is old for onion seeds.  planted the coles that had started.

March 3:  Started in paper towels:  soloist chinese cabbage, gonzales cabbage, veronica romanesco, a few sun gold, new girl tomatoes, ace, mariach, jalapeno and carmen peppers, onions, asparagus, rhubarb.  Starting in paper towels lets me plant only those that are going to germinate and succeed, and then I don't end up crowding little seedlings.

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